A terminal digital asset exchange matching engine aims to construct a basic digital asset exchange high speed matching engine.
Manage asserts on chain
  • Users control their assets by themselves.
  • Smart contract controls the token economic model.
  • Establishing a secure trust-free asset exchange platform.
Trading assert with off-chain
  • Making an off-chain order to exchange assert and signing it with private key.
  • User establishes a status channel with the EOS TRANSPORT and trade asserts off-chain.
  • State channel improves transaction efficiency.
Ways to improve efficiency
  • State channel allows most transactions to be completed off-chain.
  • Pegged sidechains only handle associated transactions.
  • Sharding will be introduced in EOS TRANSPORT .
Support trading on multiple wallets
  • Provide API for multiple wallets to access EOS TRANSPORT .
  • The wallet will have the function of digital asset trading.
  • Achieve maximum circulation of assets.

Cam Machz

Co-founder of EOS-Transport, He has worked as a senior development engineer in the Microsoft headquarters product group, and has more than 12 years of experience in enterprise software product development and technology deployment and capacity expansion. He focuses on open source technology product development, cloud-based technology and big data. Distributed computing platform development, microservice architecture and distributed parallel processing technologies, a senior technical contributor to blockchain technology, a Linux Foundation-led Hyperledger technology contributor; and a master's degree in computer science from the University of Massachusetts .

Omega Ng

Co-founder of EOS-Transport, He has served as the operation and maintenance engineer of Microsoft E-commerce platform. and has more than 10 years of experience in operation and maintenance of enterprise software platform, focusing on technical fields such as agile operation and maintenance and development and operation, and technical experts in large-scale commercial operation and maintenance support in blockchain. , a Linux Foundation-led Hyperledger technology contributor; graduated from the University of Washington.


Co-founder of EOS-Transport, blockchain entrepreneur, multi-year financial industry background, has participated in Pre-IPO and IPO work of several projects, deeply participated in the early incubation and investment of many projects, and has a deep understanding of the industry.


Co-founder of EOS-Transport, He has served as Microsoft's technical project manager; has more than 15 years of experience in large-scale deployment and capacity expansion of enterprise software technology, believers in blockchain technology, focusing on database technology services; Linux Foundation-led Hyperledger technology contributors, Oracle Technical Consultant, graduated from the University of Washington.

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